1. National

  • National Gender Co- Ordinator
    • Patricia Nyman
  • National Office Bearers Designate
    • Mduduzi Mbongwe – Dg Sectretary
    • Angie Phethle – 1st Deputy President
  • National Gender Office Bearers
    • Emelia Maphakela – Chairperson
    • Thomas Radebe – Deputy Chairperson
    • Virginia Nonyane – Secretary
    • Pauline Timothy – Treasurer
  • National Administrator
    • Boitumelo Mauco

2. Introduction To Saccawu Constitution

  1. The name of the Union shall be the South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (SACCAWU), with its colours of identity being Black, White and Red.

The official emblem shall be a square box, with a black background and red border. Inside the square box, a picture depicting eight front-facing protesters (in white colour), the one on the extreme right raising a clenched fist and the one on the extreme left facing leftwards carrying a red banner inscribed SACCAWU (in black colour) tied to two sticks/wooden holders (in white colour).

3. Aims And Objectives Of The Department​

To advance the aims of the Union Constitution as enshrined in Section 1 from 1.1. to 1.25 with specific reference to 1,7.; 1.8. and 1.25.
To implement all SACCAWU Congress Resolutions and Programmes emanating from National Congress term mandate.

4. Saccawu Comprehensive Gender Policy

The Department is guided by the SACCAWU Gender Policy which draws together all SACCAWU resolutions, policy decisions and document into a comprehensive document. The Policy enshrines the vision of a society free from all forms oppression and exploitation based on class, sex, gender and race, in our struggle for socialism. We have a vision of SACCAWU as a home for all women workers.
The overall strategic approach of SACCAWU to advance gender equality is a multifaceted approach guided by the empowerment and leadership of women firstly and gender mainstreaming through:

  • Building Women Leadership, Representation and activism from shopfloor/workplace to National level
  • Creating a Gender Sensitive Environment in the Union that encourage and facilitate Women leadership , Representation, Activism and Gender Mainstreaming.
  • Eliminating the Gender Division of Labour in the Union.
  • Eliminating Sexual Harassment in the Union
  • Organizing Women workers in particular young women workers
  • Building Gender Equality in the Workplace through key Campaigns leading to improvements in Wages and Working Conditions with reference to women and gender. Key campaigns are:
    Parental Rights, Childcare facilities, Eliminating Sexual Harassment, Equal Pay for Equal Work and Work of Equal Value, Health and Safety, HIV and Aids, Safe Transport when Working; extended/flexible Hours, Employment Equity Plans/Agreements, LGBTIQ discrimination and building and empowering the participation and Representation of women in Negotiations Teams.
  • Promoting Gender Equality in Society through solidarity with workers in vulnerable positions such as Domestic and Sex Workers. Participating in broader socio-economic struggles to improve the living conditions and quality of life of all working class women, by ensuring that political, socio-economic policies and legalization are gender biased and sensitive; addressing Human Trafficking , Xenophobia and Climate Change
  • Eliminating Gender Based Violence, Femicide and against Children in the World of Work and in Society.
  • Building the Women’s Movement
  • Building International Solidarity

5. Organisational stuctures and meetings

  • Local Gender Committees – once per month
  • Regional Gender Committees – twice per year
  • National Gender Committee – twice per month
  • National Gender Conference – every three years
  • Company Based Gender Co-ordinators and structures from shopfloor/ workplace to National level that drives the Union programmes though organizing and building activism of women members and  meetings as determined by the Constitution – Clauses 8 to 9.

6. Mainstreaming gender equality

  • The Department works closely with the Education, OCCBU, International, Legal and Administration Departments as Gender Equality is a crosscutting issue.